Weight loss transformation: Man shed one stone in 12 weeks using this home workout plan

When trying to lose a few pounds, slimmers can change their diet plans and start to exercise more. The government has urged Britons to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic which means many are struggling to stick to their usual fitness regime. A man shed one stone and carved six pack abs in just 12 weeks with at home workouts. 


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Mat Smith, 40, from Cheltenham, first decided to get into shape after becoming a father-of-two.

With two young children in the house, he wanted to set a good example and started to workout at home.

Mat said: “My biggest motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is our four-year-old son.

“Both in terms of my desire to set a positive example for him, but also remain an active part of his life as we both grow older.”

What did he eat?

Tipping the scales at 13st 2lb, Mat focused on losing body fat and improving his fitness as well as losing weight.

In the past, the dieter ate foods high in protein but switched to eating whole foods with a LiveUP fitness plan.

“The biggest change in terms of my nutrition was the focus on eating a balanced diet based solely on whole foods,” Mat added.

“Previously I had always prioritised protein above all other macronutrients and significantly under eating fresh fruit and vegetables.”

By focusing on eating the whole foods and a balanced diet, Mat cut out the need to count calories.

He explained: “In addition historically when I have paid specific attention to my nutrition I have always closely counted my calories.

“However as the LiveUP Plan is designed to simplify achieving your fitness goals and educating you adopt sustainable habits.

“It eliminates the need for calorie counting and focuses on quantified serving sizes with the ultimate longer term goal of educating you how to visually determine your serving sizes without needing to measure them out.”


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What exercise plan did he follow?

As well as changing up what he ate, the slimmer added more exercise into his lifestyle to tone up.

He explained using full body workouts three times a week helped him start to carve six pack abs.

To get the best results, Mat added regular cardio sessions into his workout regime.

He said: “The LiveUP Plan introduced me to German Body Composition style full body workouts performed three times a week.

“I had also never previously placed any emphasis on cardio, so the introduction of two interval sessions a week meant I would also start to become healthy rather than just looking like I was good shape as had always previously been the case.”

By focusing on cardio and full body workouts, Mat managed to shed one stone slimming down to 12st 2lb.

He also managed to create muscle definition while dropping his body fat percentage.

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