Weight loss: You can still lose weight without doing intensive exercise says expert

The Chase’s Mark Labbett opens up on his weight loss

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Losing weight can be difficult, especially when there is so much advice on the internet, it’s not easy to know which tips to follow. However, one thing is certain: regular exercise keeps the body healthy, which can lead to weight loss.

Personal trainer George Pearse works at London fitness centre FLY LDN and specialises in low impact training.

He explained that lower intensity training that is “kinder” to the body can be just as effective as high intensity training, if done regularly.

George said: “Whilst some of us love pounding the treadmill and getting down and dirty in an intense HIIT class in the name of shedding a few pounds, many of us are seeking to get our exercise fix elsewhere, from ways that are kinder on the body and come with a lower risk of injury.”

The personal trainer added that high impact training can put huge pressure on your joints, sometimes resulting in long lasting damage.

George recommended trying out low impact alternatives to HIIT exercises, especially if you are only just starting your fitness journey.

High impact exercises are often better tested out in the gym, but low impact exercises can be done anywhere, as well as being easily incorporated into your daily routine.

One of the ways to add exercise to your day is to change the way you travel to work or anywhere else you need to get to.

George recommended walking instead of taking public transport, or if your destination is too far, he advised taking the steps instead of the escalator at a train or tube station.

Fitness centres and gyms are now open, and although classes are not yet running in England, they soon will be.

When they are, George recommended booking your place to try out a low impact training class.

He said: “Where people can go awry is thinking that every workout needs to be executed at 100mph to be effective.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes after a long day spent at work, the last thing your body needs is further stress in the form of a brutal high intensity workout.

“Try a Low Impact class that offers a series of effective low impact exercises, incorporating the use of free weights, kettlebells and TRX suspension equipment.

“Chances of injury are kept super low, whilst you are sure to still break a sweat.”

George added that these classes are a great way of seeing what your body is capable of, as well as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Another type of exercise that is kind to your joints but can help you to lose weight is swimming.

George recommended finding a local pool and trying to swim a few lengths once a week.

He said: “Swimming allows you to burn a substantial amount of calories, boosts your metabolism and firms pretty much every muscle in your body, without putting your joints under tremendous stress.

For a cheaper alternative to swimming, George advised dancing.

Even dancing for an hour alone in your bedroom can help you to lose weight as the sport is a “great all body workout”, said George.

The personal trainer explained that the average person can lose a total of 350 calories an hour through dancing.

When doing exercise, it is also important to eat healthily, and George recommended adding metabolism boosting foods to your diet.

These foods are rich in protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

“A balanced diet is always key on the journey to a healthy mind and body,” George said.

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