Woman loses 14kg over 16 weeks by taking photos of her food

Slimming World member discusses her seven-stone weight loss

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Christianne works in the live events industry. Her lifestyle of travelling and takeaways led her to put on weight. When lockdown hit, her weight rocketed even further as she turned to food for comfort.

She said: “I have quite a busy day-to-day job. I’m always travelling, my diet’s usually quite bad. I’m normally quite stressed, so my go to reward would be a glass of wine or a nice takeaway.”

When lockdown hit, Christianne fell even further into a spiral of unhealthy eating.

“I was eating really badly to try and offset how much I hated lockdown. I think a lot of people have been doing that, lots more people have been drinking more than they usually would.”

A study published in the BMJ Open found that during the first lockdown, more than one in three adults increased their alcohol consumption.

This, coupled with a more sedentary, work-from-home lifestyle, meant that Christianne reached a weight of 85kg.


“By September 2020 I was the biggest I had ever been.”

She decided that she wanted to do something about her unhealthy eating and thought: “There’s no time like a pandemic.”

Christianne added: “I think the kickstarter was that I was starting not to feel particularly confident in myself. None of my clothes were fitting.”

Consequently, she decided to overhaul her diet.

“I was super, super regimented. My boyfriend loves takeaways, so if we got a takeaway we could get kebabs. Then I could just have some chicken and some salad, and I wouldn’t have any bread, any chips, any sauces, nothing.

“And if we went out for a drink I would have a gin and slim.”

She admitted that the most difficult thing was “totally changing my alcohol routine”.

One thing that Christianne recommended was MyFitnessPal, an app which tracks calories.

She admitted: “MyFitnessPal has been with me the whole way through.

“I also moved to a plant-based diet. It’s better for the environment, better for animals, better for me. I spent a lot of time trialling dishes that were vegetarian that actually sort of had the feel of a meat dish.”

For those hoping to lose weight, the trick is to find substitutes for the foods you love so you don’t feel you are missing out.

Christianne could not have undergone such a dramatic transformation without Michael, from Brigo Personal Training.
She explained: “He actually genuinely listened to everything I was saying. He didn’t just give me a pamphlet that he’d give to every single person, it was absolutely bespoke. He really understood how to get the best out of me.”

She did two training sessions with Michael per week, as well as one or two by herself, alternating between swimming, cycling and running.

Under instruction, she also sent him images of each of her meals.

Ultimately, she said: “It took 16 weeks of being in a calorie deficit and 16 weeks of me sending Michael a picture of every single meal I ate”.

Although Christianne left out between Christmas and New Year as she “knew it was going to be bad”.

This method, although intense, did allow Christianne to hold herself accountable.

She said: “If I had some of my cheese board and crackers, I would make sure I didn’t eat a whole box of celebrations.”

Now, Christianne is feeling more confident than ever.

She concluded: “I went from a size 16 to a sort of size 11. My body has totally changed shape. I feel so much better.

“I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. It was lovely. It was a nice opportunity for me to buy some things that I really wanted. I bought some really obnoxious patterned dresses to wear.”

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