‘Won’t leave you satisfied’: Lose weight by snacking wisely – it’s a ‘winning combination’

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With hectic work schedules and busy lives, people of today’s society have become snackers. And when there’s not enough hours in the day to have a full meal, it becomes the norm to compensate by snacking throughout the day instead.

An experience shared by many, nutritionally complete food innovators YFood, found that 83 percent of Britons say that “dinner is the most substantial meal of the day”.

And while it’s important to make sure people are eating enough full meals to fuel the body and ensure daily recommended intakes are met, there are still occasions where meals are substituted for snacks.

“Meals, for our purposes, contain the key macro and micronutrients the body needs including a source of protein, veg, and fats,” said CEOs of YFood Noel Bollmann and Ben Kremer.

“Snacks are anything that does not constitute this full combination.

“Foods in isolation, such as a handful of nuts, bananas or a protein bar are all classed as snacks.”

They explained that the difference between these two intakes on physiology is “huge”.

They continued: “A meal, due to its combination of protein, fibre, carbohydrate, and fats, in solid form, is digested and absorbed very slowly in comparison to the same foods eaten in isolation.

“This slow digestion results in staying satiated and fuller for longer.

“A snack, on the other hand, is far more quickly digested, thus hits the bloodstream quicker and is therefore metabolised faster.

“Leading to less satiety, more hunger and more dependence on eating frequently.”

But some experts have suggested that snacking on the right foods such as bananas, pineapple, and oranges before bed may help people.

They also revealed that enjoying a snack can help you lose weight as it cuts cravings later and helps keep blood sugar steady.

But this is only if you snack wisely.

“Pairing a fruit, vegetable, or whole grain with a food that contains protein or healthy fat is a winning combination,” said Dr Lisa Young.

She recommended snacks such as an apple with peanut butter, hummus with veggies, strawberries dipped in chocolate, or dry roasted chickpeas.

Dietician Shannon Henry, from EZCare Clinic, revealed that it’s all about the quality of the snack.

She specifically pointed out how “100 calories of sweets won’t leave you as satisfied compared to 200 calories of nuts and dried fruit”.

This still applied even if the calories are slightly more compared to the sweet snack.

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