5 Crowd-Pleasing DIY Happy Hour Snacks

Master chef Jacques Pépin knows that a good host makes people happy. Here, five tasty snacks to make that will be a hit at any home happy hour.

1. Garlic Bread “Fries” with Marinara “Ketchup”
This creative happy hour snack features garlicky bread sticks and smoky, bacon–laced tomato sauce.

2. Guacamole with Tequila and Lime
Ready in just 10 minutes, this fantastic dip is best with high-quality tequila or mezcal, which would add an additional smoky flavor.

3. Honey Mustard Chicken Wings
Sweet and tangy, these are the perfect happy hour snack.

4. Asian Sloppy Joe Sliders
Star chef Ming Tsai’s delicious chile-and-ginger flavored sliders are great with a slightly hoppy pale ale.

5. Chipotle Popcorn
How do you upgrade the classic bar snack? Add a little ground chipotle and smoked paprika.

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