Enterprise Resource Management System

ERP is a system that provides joint data sharing between different departments by gathering the departments of an institution such as finance, human resources, production, sales and marketing under a single software system. In other words, ERP software is commercial software packages that enable the unification and integration of all ongoing information flow in a business.

ERP programs and business processes are interconnected. All units such as sales order, production, purchasing, stock, shipment, accounting can provide data flow between business processes thanks to the ERP system. ERP programs bring together the common data collected from different sources in an institution and ensure that all resources are processed correctly, preventing repetitive transactions and confusion between the data.

What Does ERP Do?

At the most basic level, an ERP system serves to control all business processes of the enterprise and facilitate management. It is possible to reduce human-induced errors, problems, delays and costs with software that can respond to companies’ requests to establish a system that is faster, more effective, more efficient, more useful and reaches wider places in business processes.

ERP helps to eliminate bottlenecks in production, better plan distribution resources, improve customer service and make the best use of stock.

ERP at Zinger Stick Software

Canias4.0 is a fully integrated and adaptable ERP system for businesses of any size. Planning, material management, production, CRM, finance, project and document management, corporate agenda, and a variety of other operations, are all covered by the software. The Enterprise Resource Planning system can be utilized in both conventional and customized forms, depending on the needs of the firm. ERP software allows businesses to streamline their business processes and safeguard their competitive structures thanks to its open-source software development framework, which provides unlimited flexibility.

Zinger Stick Software is a global digital transformation and software consulting firm located in Qatar. We help brands and enterprises leverage design, analytics and engineering to create personalized customer experiences for business processes integrated web, mobile, social and cloud. We offer a wide range of management system products that can seamlessly integrate as well as other products.