This Pizza Cutter Looks Like A Saw And Will Help You Cut The Perfect Slice Every Time

There is never a bad time to eat pizza. You can order from a chain, a local pizzeria, or even make it at home if you’re feeling particularly fancy. Although it’s totally a food you should be eating with your hands—if you use a fork and knife I don’t trust you—one utensil you should always have just in case is a quality pizza cutter. There are a bunch on the market to choose from, but this pizza cutter that looks like a mini power tool might just be the best of all.
As much as we love a cheese pull, it’s always good to make sure your pizza slices are properly cut to avoid any slipping and sliding of toppings before you get to take a bite. Enter the pizza cutter, which will make sure that all of your slices are cut to perfection so you can avoid the mess when pulling out a piece from the box.

Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel
Since plain old kitchen utensils can be boring, this mini power saw pizza cutter is a fun way to cut your pizza. It’s called the Fred’s Pizza Boss 3000 and it is guaranteed to “blast through pepperoni, extra cheese, and even those pesky anchovies,” according to the product description on Amazon.
The blade itself is stainless steel and it comes with a protective shield so you can keep the sharp edge covered while it’s in the cabinet to avoid any accidents. You can get your own for just $19 on Amazon to liven up your next pizza night and make cutting a pizza look cooler than ever.

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