This Spoon Rest Comes With A Pot Lid Rest Too, If You Can Believe It

Chances are you have a spoon rest. Chances also are you have, at some point in the recent past, floundered around your kitchen with an extremely hot pot lid that’s dripping with even hotter condensation while attempting to place your cooking utensils on said spoon rest. Yes? Yes. Enter: the iPstyle pan lid holder, the solution to your most precarious kitchen problem.

iPstyle Pan Lid Holder for Pots and Pans
Essentially, the thing is a spoon rest with two compartments—one for, well, your spoon, and the other a divot for the lid of your pot. The latter ensures that any condensation that may have dripped onto your floor or counter space will now land on an easy-to-clean and very contained small surface. A tall steel divider separates the two and allows the lid you place there to lean up against it without tipping the entire contraption and its contents over.
People are obsessed with the dishwasher-safe tool (which is going for about $10 on Amazon as we speak). It is small enough to fit easily on most counters but big enough to fit the lids of people’s largest pots and heaviest pots. Some point to its stainless-ness as their favorite aspect of the tool, while others go so far as to note that it’s truly so convenient to have something that prevents them from juggling kitchen equipment frantically. In fact, one commenter noted, “every kitchen should have one.”
Truly, an astounding show of unity at a time when we need it the most.
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