You Can Get A Bottle Opener That Looks Like A Zombie Head And, Frankly, It’s Terrifying

Halloween decorations should not be limited to some pumpkin clings you stick to your windows and some fake spider webs you nestle onto your railings. No, for true Halloween fans, there is nothing you cannot make creepy, including drinking. And whether you’re looking for new Halloween decor, or simply have broken one too many bottle openers, this scary Zombie bottle opener is sure to fit the bill.

Zombie Head Bottle Opener
Unlike the cutesy little pumpkins that are likely dotting your home right now, this bottle opener is, in short, terrifying! It’s a giant, screaming zombie head, complete with holes in their skull and dead, blue eyes only a White Walker from Game of Thrones could love. And though this zombie may look scary, it does seem like it would crack open your beer lickety-split. And that’s truly all that matters, no?
This bottle opener will run you about $14 and with that price, you’re probably going to want to pick up a few more things to meet free shipping…or at least continue to pack your home full of Halloween cheer. Luckily, Urban Outfitters is positively packed with all sorts of spooky things you can deck your halls with. Consider this Zombie Hand Oven Glove that is perfectly on theme for just $10. Or maybe this vintage-style Halloween candy bucket? What I’m saying is time is running out to enjoy sitting at home with lots of spooky decorations and eating all the candy you could ever want. Isn’t that what Halloween is really all about?

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