Guinness Chocolate Brownies

Guinness makes a batch of brownies extra rich and extra chocolatey! Make these for St. Patrick’s Day or any day. They’re a crowd-pleasing treat any time of year.

Guinness Brownies anyone?

I don’t know how they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the Emerald Isle, but it amuses me to no end that here in the States we get decked out in green (lest we invite a pinch), make corned beef and cabbage, and enjoy Ireland’s most celebrated foamy export—Guinness extra stout.

You know St. Pat’s is close at hand when the grocery stores start stacking cases of it. It’s malty, hearty, and rich, and if you want to drink your dinner, Guinness is the best way to do it.

It’s also wonderful with chocolate, which is why I’ve been making these Guinness brownies for weeks. The rich flavor of the stout just enhances chocolate in baked goods. (If you’re looking for more evidence, check out our Chocolate Guinness Cake. It’s awesome!)

How to Bring Out More Guinness Flavor In These Brownies

For these brownies, we are reducing the Guinness to concentrate the flavor in the liquid, and then building up our brownie batter in the same pot, with butter, sugar, cocoa, eggs, vanilla, flour, and pecans.

The result? A dense, moist, chewy chocolate brownie with the malty notes of Guinness. Great with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a glass of milk.

(BTW, if you’ve given up alcohol and/or sugar for Lent, I think they make an exception for St. Patrick’s Day. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.)

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