5 Beautiful Dishes Made with Kitchen Scraps

Broccoli Stems with Lardo & Fresh Coriander Seeds

This part of the vegetable has a reputation for being fibrous and tough—but when cooked the right way, it becomes tender and toothsome.

Carrot Top Granita

Refslund makes a syrup with carrot tops and herbs, shaving it into a vegetal granita that can be used as a base for sweet-and-savory dessert courses.

Salted Fish Carpaccio with Parmesan Rind Broth & Pickled Green Almonds

This carpaccio is topped with foraged green almonds and a delicate broth made with parmesan rinds.

Used Grapefruit Gin & Tonic

Now you can eat your grapefruit, and drink it, too! After breakfast, you can whip up a syrup with the peels and pith of the citrus—perfect for a G&T. 

Wrinkled Berry Salsa with Herb & Kale Stems

Overripe berries find a new home in this fresh tapenade, which also makes use of unused kale stems.

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