13 Bread Recipes That Don’t Need Yeast

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Jalapeno-Cheddar Beer Bread

Your favorite beer gives this dump-and-stir quick bread a boost of flavor, and pickled jalapenos add tangy spice. It’s great toasted with butter or served with chili.

Get the Recipe:Jalapeno-Cheddar Beer Bread

No-Yeast Dinner Rolls

A cross between a dinner roll and a biscuit, the dough for this recipe can be mixed and then baked straight away — perfect for a last-minute dinner addition.

Get the Recipe:No-Yeast Dinner Rolls

Brown Bread

Ina’s stout-spiked recipe is enriched with oats and whole wheat flour. Serve with a schmear or Irish butter.

Get the Recipe:Irish Guinness Brown Bread

Turmeric Flatbread

You don’t need oven to make bread — these sunshine-yellow flatbreads are fried on the stovetop. Tear and dip into curries or dips.

Get the Recipe:Turmeric Flatbread

Pao de Queijo

A gluten-free Brazilian staple these puffy “cheese breads” are great eaten plain as a snack or split and filled with meat and cheese or a little jam.

Get the Recipe:Pao de Queijo

Irish Soda Bread

Don’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day:Simple soda bread can be made all year long (and it makes great toast, especially with Irish butter!).

Get the Recipe:Irish Soda Bread

Mix and Match Biscuits

Up your baking game with this biscuit matrix — the flavor possibilities are endless. Then split them in half to make sandwiches or eggs Benedict.

Mix-and-Match Biscuits

Ham and Cheese Quick Bread

Easy to make, then bake in a loaf pan, this savory bread is great served with sunny-side-up eggs for breakfast.

Get the Recipe:Ham and Cheese Quick Bread

Dill Flakey Bread

Molly shares her recipe for these unique flakey, griddled flatbreads. Serve them hot!

Get the Recipe:Dill Flakey Bread


You don’t need a special pan to make popovers — they’ll puff up in a muffin tin too. Serve with a green salad or soup for lunch or with a roast at dinner.

Get the Recipe:Basic Popover

Quick Injera

Made from the gluten-free grain teff, this fermented Ethiopian staple is cooked on the stovetop into thick crepe-like rounds. Tear off pieces and use as an edible utensil to pick up and eat curries and stews.

Get the Recipe:Quick Injera


These whole-wheat flatbreads are cooked on the stove top. Dip them in hummus or wrap around your favorite sandwich fixings.

Get the Recipe:Indian Whole Wheat Griddle Breads: Chapatis

No-Yeast Whole Wheat Za’atar Bread

This simple whole wheat bread requires no yeast or rising time, so you can have a freshly baked loaf in practically no time at all! The combination of whole wheat and bread flour imparts subtle nuttiness and extra gluten, resulting in a baked loaf that’s both chewy and airy. The generous addition of buttermilk also tenderizes the bread without any detectable tang. Finish the dough off with a decent sprinkle of za’atar and white sesame seeds for a perfectly crisp and flavorful crust.

Get the Recipe:No-Yeast Whole Wheat Za’atar Bread

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