A Vi-Kor Lettuce Wrap(Vietnamese-Korean Saang Choo Ssaam)

I called it Vi-Kor because it is a fusion thing. Vietnamese people, that’s me, do not eat with boiled pork and Ssaam Jaang. There is no such thing in Vietnam. And Koreans do not eat their Saang Choo Ssaam with mint and cilantro. Thus, Vi-Kor it is.

Why not Kor- Vi? Because I am Vietnamese. Very simple answer.


  1. Boiled pork
  2. Lettuce
  3. Mint
  4. Cilantro
  5. Sweet onions, sliced
  6. Jalapeños, sliced
  7. Garlic, sliced


  1. Boil some pork. Slice into not too thin slices.

  2. Slice jalapeños,sweet onions, and some garlic, if you will not be going to work afterwards.

  3. For Ssam Jaang: some Japanese miso (less pungent than Korean ones), some finely chopped sweet onions(to alleviate the saltiness), minced garlic, little sugar, and sesame oil. If you have Go Choo Jaang (hot bean paste) and want some heat, add some hot bean past. Mix well. Or to make it easy for you, get a small container of the ready made at any Korean market.

  4. Make a wrap, using lettuce, add all other veggies plus jalapeños, garlic, onion, rice, boiled pork and some Ssaam Jaang.

  5. Make yourself look like a chipmunk. Enjoy the Vi-Ko Lettuce Wrap!!

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