Badaam kheer

Sweet dessert


  1. 1 bowl basmati rice white soaked for 3 hour
  2. 5 glasses whole milk
  3. 2 glass water
  4. 1 teaspoon cardamom crushed
  5. 1 teaspoon fennel seeds crushed
  6. 3-4 cloves black or laung
  7. 5 scoop sugar or less or more according to dietary
  8. 10-12 pieces almond soaked


  1. First soak the rice for 3 hour

  2. Now boil it in water and put all the ingredients but not sugar

  3. Now after boiling rice add luke warm milk

  4. Stir the mixture at very low flame and check every after two minutes

  5. Stir until rice mixed with milk and show like a thick upper layer at milk

  6. You can add more warm milk constantly but dont make too much thick bcuz it will become more thick when it cooled down

  7. In the very end add sugar and soaked peeled off almonds after crushing the almonds

  8. Some people add saffron too its optional

  9. Yummy and really super delicious dish is ready

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