Creamy frozen mango curd


  1. 300 grm, Mango puree
  2. 600 grm, Whipping cream
  3. 3 tbsp, lemon juice
  4. 200 grm, sugar


  1. Take a heavy bottom pan, add mango puree, sugar and lemon juice.

  2. Cook for 15 minutes on medium heat.

  3. Now turn off the flame and add cream and mix throughly.

  4. Cool completely then freez for 20 minutes.

  5. After 20 minutes take out from freezer and beat it until becomes creamy.

  6. Pour it into a airtight container.

  7. Freeze over night.

  8. Or 8 hours.

  9. Creamy frozen mango curd is ready.

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