French Onion Chicken w/stuffing (crocpot)

A spin off of onion soup and the forefather of my Kraut n Swiss Chicken (just substitute the baguette for stuffing.)


  1. 32 oz chicken stock
  2. Pack chicken thighs (feed family of 4/or 8 thighs)
  3. 2 packets Lipton French onion soup mix
  4. 1 French baguette or similar bread
  5. 1/2 lb deli sliced Swiss cheese
  6. 2 large yellow onions


  1. Cook chicken thighs in the stock with the 2 packets Lipton soup mix. Add in 2 white onions sliced into wedges.

  2. When chicken and onion is cooked. Remove bones and pull chicken into chunks. Take the baguette slicing it lengthwise put it in oven to crisp the inside.

  3. Using a cereal bowl lay the Swiss in the bottom then put some baguette chunks on top. You then draining the juice put chicken and onions on top. Put another layer of Swiss then ladle the broth from your crocpot on top to desired level. This ensure the cheese is thoroughly melted. Enjoy!

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