Fusion chicken tikka pizza ?



  1. sauce
  2. 1 bunch spring onions,2 tomatoes,1 tbsp red chili pwd,
  3. 3 tbsn ketchup,1 green chilli (acc to u)1 tsp oil,1tsp salt
  4. chicken marinade
  5. 1 chicken breast, 1 tsp curd,1tsp salt,1 tsp garam masala,
  6. 1 tsp chicken tikka masala n 1 drop red food colour,
  7. Coal/charcoal to enhance BARBECUE flavour, 1tsp butter
  8. t
  9. toppings
  10. Capsicum/corn/olive/mushrooms/onions/red chilli etc,mozzarella
  11. And CHEDDAR cheese
  12. italian seasoning
  13. pizza readymade


  1. First put 1 tsp oil in a pan saute spring onions till soft then add tomatoes,green chilli, 2 tbsp ketchup mix well n cook till tomatoes soft.now blend it coarsely now again put back on pan n add 1 tbsp ketchup mix well n cook till saucy.

  2. Now take chicken cubes MARINADE the above masala n cook till done.now burn 1 small piece of coal n put in between n add butter. When its smoky cover it with lid.later shred it.

  3. TOPPINGS. I parboil my VEGETABLE coz it doesn’t change its COLOUR n looks vibrant.now esemble it on PIZZA bread.sauce/chicken/corn etc…

  4. Lastly add cheese n ITALIAN SEASONING or ur choice SEASONING.put in oven 15 mins 150°(acc to ur oven)can make even on pan.let ur kids decorate pizza they will definitely enjoy as my kids enjoyed. ?

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