Grandma’s Famous Menudo

I confuse Filipino Menudo and Mechado all the time. Grandma says the size of the meat is smaller. (?) This one has raisins? Idk. It’s delicious. That’s the most important part. We store it in the fridge for a quick meal 🙂


  1. 2 tomatoes; diced
  2. 1 small onion; diced
  3. 5 cloves garlic; minced
  4. 2 lbs. pork butt; cut in half inch chunks
  5. 3 Yukon gold potatoes; cut in half inch chunks (same size as pork)
  6. Soy sauce
  7. Juice of 1 lemon
  8. 1 box raisins
  9. 1 can beef broth
  10. 1/2 can tomato paste
  11. 1 sliced green bell pepper


  1. Sauté the shit out of the first 3 ingredients in a pan of oil on medium heat. Tomatoes should be wilted, onions translucent, and fragrant. This takes a good 6-7 mins.

  2. Meanwhile, marinate the pork butt in soy sauce. Put just enough to coat all the meat. See grandpa below:

  3. Add juice of half a lemon. See grandma & grandpa below:

  4. Sauté in a pan of oil on med-high heat until the liquid is absorbed. Cover. See annoying sister below:

  5. Cut up some potatoes in the same.5in size as the meat. Fry these up in a separate pan until slightly brown.

  6. Add in some black pepper, the pre-sautéed tomato onion garlic mixture (about 1.5 cups worth), and half a can of tomato paste. Sauté.

  7. Dump in a whole can of beef broth and simmer until the meat is tender. ~15 more mins.

  8. Drop in a handful of raisins, some bell pepper (not pictured).. and thassss it! Serve with a bed of white rice. Love you Grandma; thank you for the recipes 🙂 Enjoy!

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