I Tried To Recreate Pinterest’s Most Popular Halloween Cookies

If you’re here for tips and tricks on how to decorate the perfect cookie, sorry to disappoint you, the only thing you’ll learn here is what not to do.
Early in the process I found out that decorating cookies wasn’t all fun and games; it truly is an art form that requires the proper tools. Let’s start with the cookie. Do you know how hard it is to find a smooth, FLAT sugar cookie at a grocery store? It is nearly impossible. I went to three grocery stores and the only proper decorating cookies they had were in the shapes of bats and ghosts—i.e. no circles. If you’re not a baker like me you’re pretty much s.o.l unless you plan ahead of time and order them online.
Next up THE ICING. Do not let the name of the icing mislead you, believe it or not “cookie icing” is not made for decorating cookies. Shocking, I know. The icing that the professionals use is royal icing. How I managed to mess up the store bought royal icing is beyond me but I failed miserably by adding too much water which caused all my designs to be super runny.
The mindset to have going into decorating cookies is to set your expectations accordingly. (AKA, low!) Start off basic. I was very ambitious with my designs and didn’t even have the proper tools to achieve them. So maybe it looks like a third grader made these, but you know what, I had fun and that’s all that really matters. Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe and ENJOY.
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