Maysore pak


  1. 1 cup gramflour
  2. 5 cup melted desi ghee
  3. 2 cup sugar
  4. Half cup water
  5. Nuts to garnish optional


  1. First boil water and sugar.make sugar syrup.boil 5 minute need to make thick syrup

  2. Now other side start dry roast gramflour at very low flame

  3. Keep cooking the gramflour so it’s not sticking to pan

  4. When it becomes aromatic now add syrup and one ladle ghee

  5. Keep stirring when adding syrup and ghee.again after mixing well add more one ladle ghee

  6. Keep stirring again when ghee observed again repeat adding ghee and mix well

  7. Do it 4 to 5 times until gramflour stop observing ghee.if fourth time it looks complete thick do not add next portion of ghee

  8. 4 times are enough or 5 times not more than.actually it depends what kind of ladle we use

  9. Pour in a pan quickly and cut after 5 minutes.enjoy yummiest desserts by me

  10. Stay safe stay enjoy

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