Quick corn and potato fritters (one batter)?

Easy POTATOES and CORN fritters. Made in one batter.enjoy?


  1. 2 cup gram flour, 1tsp red chilli pwd,1tbsn turmeric,1tsp
  2. Baking pwd,1/2 cup rice flour. 1tbsp salt
  3. Corn fritters:1 cup corn,1 onion,1/2cup spring onions,1tsp cumin
  4. /zeera;1tsp coriander pwd n 2 to 3 green chillies (acc to u)
  5. 1/3 cup coriander leaves,2 potatoes
  6. Cut round length wise


  1. Make the batter.gramflour,salt,red chilli pwd,turmeric pwd n baking pwd.salt.mix with little water.make a thick batter. more good result keep the batter for half hour.mixture will get fluffy n ur fritters crispier.cut the VEGETABLE n keep ready.add the masala/spice of corn fritters.

  2. Now take the other batch of flour add little water to make it little runny type mixture for batter.now dip potato slices n deep fry them(medium flame)

  3. Now take half of batter n pour over the corn mixture. It shouldn’t be runny nor too thick.(medium)

  4. Now fry corn fritters. Put it spoon by spoon.(medium flame)

  5. Now ur both POTATOES n CORN fritters are ready.serve quickly when hot with ur choice of sauce.(fry when u have to serve)enjoy ur fritters with family n friends ?

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