Seamoss Drink

Seamoss & Bladderwack is a multi mineral powder to prepare nourishing shakes and teas. For the bones, thyroid, and glands, and breath, pulmonary illnesses, respiratory issues, coughs, dysentry, dissolved fat, calms the appetite for digestion, ulcers, regulates bowels, skin. High in zinc and calcium


  1. 1 tbsp Seamoss powder
  2. 1 tbsp Bladderwack powder
  3. 1 cup walnuts
  4. 2 tbsp agave


  1. Boil Spring water, soak and rinse walnuts

  2. Blend all ingredients and boiling water for 5 minutes

  3. Refrigerate and use for smoothies, or add to any food you like

  4. Ready for a smoothie I love my ninja this takes out all the air

  5. So I decided instead of smoothie I use the extract button and this is what it looks like. Oh wow this really good and it doesn’t taste like the SEA lol

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