Taco burgers

wow! so good ?… found me a new burger i like.

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    1. ground hamburger beef
    2. 1 tablespoon taco seasoning (see my homemade recipe)
    3. 1 cup pico or make your own (see my pico recipe)
    4. 1 avocado
    5. lemon juice
    6. Cheese optional


    1. For the burgers:
      Make your hamburger patties. Season heavily with the taco seasoning.(iam using frozen patties)

    2. Place on the HOT grill and cook for about 15-20 minutes until cooked.
      Meanwhile work on the avocado salsa:
      Chop up your avocado and season with lemon juice and garlic salt.
      Mix in lightly with the pico. Serve on top of your burgers.

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