Wagashi "Domyouji" : A Well-known Japanese Mochi sweet

Domyouji is a well-known Japanese Mochi sweet. It’s a bean jam ball wrapped in Mochi from coarse rice powder anda salt pickled cherry leaf. We call it “Sakura (cherry blossoms) Mochi”, too. This recipe save time as using medium coarse rice powder (we often use large coarse one.).


  1. 100 g Domyouji-ko (coarse rice powder) 5wari chu tsubu (medium coarse)
  2. 5-15 g Sugar
  3. 100 ml Hot water
  4. 200 g An (red bean jam)
  5. Red food coloring


  1. Ingredients. Divide 200g of Red beam jam into 10 and make them oval.

  2. Remove hard parts of veins of salt pickled cherry leaves. Desalinate them as putting them in water for several minutes.

  3. Wash them with water and remove their wetness with paper towels.

  4. Put red food coloring into 150ml of hot water. Add 5-10g of sugar. Mix them in a mixing bowl of heat resistant glass.

  5. Add 100g of coarse rice powder and mix. Cover it with a plastic wrap and leave it for 5 minutes.

  6. Make sure that the all water is absorbed. Cover it with a plastic wrap again and heat it at 600W for 1 minuite & 30 seconds in a microwave oven. Leave it for 10 minutes.

  7. Mix it a little. A Mochi dough is finished

  8. Divide it into 10 equal.

  9. Wrap a bean jam ball with the Mochi dough as making hands wet with water.

  10. And Wrap it with a salt pickled cherry leaf.

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