Keep apples fresh for six weeks – how and where to store them explained

Are Apples really covered in wax?

Autumn will soon be here, which means it will be the time of pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween chocolate and cosy jumpers – but apples also have a reputation for being part of the season thanks to toffee apples, apple cider and homemade apple pies.

It will be peak apple season in September and October which means prices will be at their lowest. However, most people do not realise they could save money on their shopping if they know how to store apples correctly.

It seems obvious to pile up apples in a fruit bowl along with your other fruit, but this will cause it to rot much more quickly Apples produce ethylene gas, a naturally occurring plant hormone with will cause fruits to ripen and age quickly.

There is some truth to the saying “one apple spoils the barrel” – as the older the fruit, the more gas it will give off and affect the fruit around it. Jessica Gavin, a food expert and culinary scientist has explained that all ethylene gas will cause apples to “soften a lot faster.”

In a TikTok video, Jessica explained: “Don’t store apples near ethylene-producing fruit like plums, tomatoes, avocados and kiwis or ethylene-sensitive fruit like bananas and peaches.”

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Jessica also explained that apples must be kept away from certain vegetables. She said: “Store the apples away from ethylene-sensitive vegetables like potatoes, greens, carrots, broccoli, peppers and fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley.”

She added: “Apples are like flavour sponges, you’re going to want to make sure to store them away from strong-smelling food like garlic or onion, especially if they’ve already been chopped up.”

In order to keep the food in your fridge fresher, Jessica said garlic and onions should be placed in “an airtight container, store them on separate shelves and bins in your refrigerator.”

However, apples should never be placed in an airtight container. Jessica said: “It’s perfectly fine to store apples in the refrigerator and in the bag that you got them in at the grocery store, just make sure not to seal them up. The gas will start to build up inside the bag causing it to ripen and soften too fast, you want the gas to be able to dissipate.”

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If you are planning to eat or cook with your apples only a few days after storage, they can be stored outside the fridge in a cool, dry ventilated spot in your kitchen away from direct sunlight.

However, for long-term storage, apples should be stored in the fridge, preferably in a drawer if you are able to. Make sure they are stored in a bag or package with holes in it to allow plenty of air circulation, which should help them stay fresh and crispy for up to six weeks.

It is not recommended to wash apples before using them as apples have wax on them which will help preserve them.

Before you buy your apples, there are also some things to look out for in order to make sure you are buying the freshest produce. Apples that have their stems intact will last much longer than apples without a stem as bacteria can enter the fruit and lead to spoilage.

Apple should also be firm, unwrinkled, free of blemishes and have no liquid coming out of it to ensure they will remain crisp and delicious.

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