Mum’s brilliant method to store potatoes and keep them fresh and firm

TikTok user asks viewers if potatoes belong in the fridge

While it may seem like the done thing to keep your potatoes in the sack they came in or even in the fridge, these traditional storage places can cause the potatoes to rot much more quickly and become inedible.

Potatoes can last up to two months if stored properly, but if the conditions are not right, they can go mushy, have dark spots grow sprouts (eyes), or even go green.

Luckily, one food expert has given an easy but detailed guide on how to store potatoes in the right conditions. Stephaine Booth is a household expert who specialises in cooking and cleaning tips as well as organisational hacks.

In a TikTok video, Stephanie explained how to keep your potatoes fresh longer. To begin, Stephaine stressed that potatoes need good air circulation in order to keep fresh.

She said: “Don’t store them in a plastic bag because it traps moisture, and moisture is what causes potatoes to grow eyes.”

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Instead, Stephaine said that potatoes should be stored in a basket or kept in a paper bag with the top open. According to Stephaine, potatoes should also be stored in a dark space, such as a cabinet, pantry or basement.

Stephaine said; “Don’t store [potatoes] on your counter and under artificial or natural light. That’s what causes them to turn green.”

You could be careful about the temperature you keep them in. Stephanie said: “Don’t store these in the refrigerator. It causes the starch to turn into reducing sugars.”

Stephaine recommends storing potatoes at temperatures of 43F to 50F (6C to 10C) in order to keep them in the best conditions.

She also warned it is important to keep them away from your other vegetables or fruits. Stephaine said: Store your potatoes away from garlic, onions, shallots or any other type of fruit and vegetable. They emit ethylene gas. It causes the potatoes to go bad faster.”

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Stephaine added her “one last tip”, to never store potatoes near warm kitchen appliances. She said: “Don’t store potatoes in a cabinet next to your stove. It’s too hot.”

In the comment section, users praised Stephaine for her easy guide and said it had helped them save some of their own potatoes.

One user said: Now that explains why my taters go bad. I have been leaving them in the bag.”

Someone else said: “Thank you so much! My potatoes were next to the stove!”

However, one other commentator also had a handy suggestion for keeping other fruit, such as bananas, riper for longer. They said: “Don’t store new bananas near overly ripe ones which will accelerate the ripening of the newer ones.”

Stephaine had never heard of that storage tip before and replied: “Oooh, [that’s a] good one!”

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