Five-step cooking method for ‘the best roast potatoes of your life’

Roast potatoes are best when cooked with a crunchy skin and fluffy core, but it’s not always easy to achieve in an oven alone.

While many people swear by an air fryer for perfectly crispy spuds, one TikTok foodie has revealed their foolproof method to make them without one.

In a video posted on his account, Ara (@sheffara) said: “This is exactly how to make the best roast potatoes you’ve ever had using tricks that I’ve picked up from chefs and other creators.

“And we all know the greatest of all time is the Maris Piper.”

The first step to expertly roasted potatoes is to cut them to an even size – not too big or too small, according to Ara.

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The TikTok star peeled his Maris Piper spuds before cutting them into quarters (2.5cm chunks approximately).

He then added them to a pan full of boiling water but claimed that the liquid should not be left plain and instead should be seasoned.

Ara said: “Season your water. Not just with salt – feel free to add any kind of stock you like.”

After adding just one jar worth of liquid stock to the pan, he left the spuds to cook until soft before draining them in a colander.

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Ara claimed this step is also crucial, noting that the potatoes should be “fluffed” in the colander after draining before replacing them in the empty saucepan for 10 minutes.

He suggested covering the pan with a lid or towel to allow the spuds to steam dry.

Once this time is up, the next step recommended by the TikTok star was to add a “sprinkle” of semolina flour to make the potatoes “extra crispy”.

When it comes to cooking, the “magic ingredient” is to add goose or duck fat – but it shouldn’t be poured straight onto the spuds.

Ara explained: “Make sure you preheat your fat in the oven and add some flavour. I am adding the oil from a roasted garlic confit that I made.”

Once the fat has melted slightly in a baking dish, add the potatoes and cook in the oven for 40 minutes to one hour.

The TikTok foodie claimed: “After an hour in the oven and a sprinkle of rosemary salt, you’re gonna have the best potatoes you’ve ever had in your life.”

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